Mycelium | New Creation

Fungi are omnipresent, they profoundly shape the world we live in. Fungi grow everywhere, and yet many of us think of them as a hostile life form. They are possessed of a rather selfish attitude and are dependent on subtle forms of attraction. Just like fungi, humans, too, enter into parasitic and symbiotic relationships if it suits their networking needs.

Mycelium will premiere on the 11.10.22 at the tanz_house festival, Salzburg, AT


Concept, Choreography: Rosana Ribeiro in collaboration with

Devising Performers: Verena Pircher, Tomaž Simatović, Jadwiga Mordarska

Rehearsal Director: Melissa Ugolini

Sound Design and Composition: Peter Kastner

Costume: Sara Chéu

Light Design: Cristovão Cunha

Photography: Bernhard Müller

Video: Phil Rirsch

Content and Copy-write: Daniel Rico

Graphic Design: Caro Eisl