Echoes of Resistance

In Echoes of Resistance, the body is stuck in a loop of constant falling, an expression of the obstacles of life. In life we fall. We fall in love, we stumble, we get hurt, heartbroken, we experience Fall as a season and we see a leaf fall. But fall can also be an action of acceptance, of giving in in order to let go, of accepting gravity and our relation with the earth's centre.

How many times can we fall in life? And what helps to get us back on our feet?

Echoes of Resistance is a solo about a single body that evokes a sense of compassion for the many stages of one's own falling. This body walks the path of resistance by withstanding disturbances and performs resilience by recovering from them, by springing back into shape quickly. The focus is on the path to “getting up”, the path to survival.

PREMIERE - 5.10.2023 - tanz_house festival, Salzburg, AT


Concept, Choreography: Rosana Ribeiro

in collaboration with

Performance: Jadwiga Mordarska

Dramaturgy Support: Verena Pircher

Rehearsal Assistance: Melissa Ugolini

Sound Design and Composition: Peter Kastner

Costume Design: Sara Chéu

Light Design: Katharina Krachler

Photo: Bernhard Müller

Video: Emanuel Krimplstätter

Production: Selva - Verein für Tanz, Theater und Kunstvermittlung