Echoes of Resistance

We see a body in a constant loop of falling, an expression of the many times and ways we fall in life. This body overcomes disturbances by resisting gravity, while also bearing witness to the realisation that sometimes, to get back on our feet, we need to let go.


Concept, Choreography: Rosana Ribeiro

in collaboration with

Performance: Jadwiga Mordarska

Dramaturgy: Verena Pircher

Rehearsal Assistance: Melissa Ugolini

Sound Design and Composition: Peter Kastner

Costume Design: Sara Chéu

Light Design: Katharina Krachler

Funded by BMKÖS, Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg
Residency Support: tanz_house, SZENE Salzburg, D.ID Dance Identity

© Bernhard Müller


“It’s impressive the precision with which incredible images are brought forward and how they trigger something in us. At some point it is your own image of rebelling, failing and fighting that surface, creating a magical connection between the audience and the stage.”

- Bernhard Jenny, 05. November 2023