Fungi are omnipresent, they profoundly shape the world we live in. Fungi grow everywhere, and yet many of us think of them as a hostile life form. They are possessed of a rather selfish attitude and are dependent on subtle forms of attraction. Just like fungi, humans, too, enter into parasitic and symbiotic relationships if it suits their networking needs.

The inherent metaphor that we are playing with is the idea that the kingdom of fungi reflects many of the human interactions and networking systems. We humans are in constant look for connection, for a thriving relationship and in order to get there we all find a distinct and specific path that can many times be detrimental or destructive for many other beings including ourselves. This is reflected not just in personal relations but also in governmental or climate ones. The fungus has a never ending cycle as it grows, decomposes and regenerates. It shows us a system that is optimised - it creates no waste. As we observe and study this process we look for how we may use the knowledge of nature as an inspiration for a less wasteful human existence - mind and ecologically speaking. We try to understand how to establish a network and a symbiotic relationship with all living organisms.


Concept, Choreography: Rosana Ribeiro in collaboration with

Devising Performers: Verena Pircher, Tomaž Simatović, Jadwiga Mordarska

Rehearsal Director: Melissa Ugolini

Sound Design and Composition: Peter Kastner, Voice: Laura Baruch

Costume: Sara Chéu

Light Design: Heide Tömpe

Thank you to Bernhard Müller, Phil Rirsch, Daniel Rico, Caro Eisl

Funded by Stadt Salzburg, Land Salzburg, Bildrecht

Creation Support: SZENE Salzburg, D.ID Dance Identity, tanz_house, Nãm Mushroom Farm, Flachgauer Biopilze