Oryx & Crake

Based on the novel by the Canadian author Margaret Atwood, the opera "Oryx and Crake" takes us into a fascinating dystopian future where genetic engineering rules the world. A new breed of humans – passive, docile Children of Crake who are physically flawless, void of envy and jealousy, do not understand violence or sexual drive and have no artistic ability or comprehension of technology – are to replace humanity here. Snowman is perhaps the last person to have survived the Great Plague. He is haunted by the memories of his best friend Crake and the mysterious Oryx, with whom they were both in love. In search of answers, he embarks on a journey through the wilderness that was once a great city, until uncontrolled genetic manipulation changed the face of humanity. How far will science go in order to optimise and manipulate human beings in order to achieve a permanently peaceful society? And at what cost?


Director / Stage Design: Daniela Kerck

Conductor: Albert Horne

Video: Astrid Steiner

Costume Design: Andrea Schmidt-Futterer

Choreography: Rosana Ribeiro

Lighting Design: Klaus Krauspenhaar

Dramaturgy: Constantin Mende

Dancers: Felix Chang, Guillermo De la Chica Lopez, Jasper H. Hanebuth, Carlos Diaz, Joel Spinello, Tamara Kurti, Carla Peters, Josefine Rau

@Xiomara Bender